Metallurgy and Material

Industrial furnaces used in the metallurgical industry for carrying out various metallurgical processes are known as metallurgical industrial furnaces.

Metallurgical furnaces are mostly used for extraction of metals from ores, calcining and sintering of ores, melting, refining and alloying of metals, heating of metals, carbonizing of coals, and heat treatment of metals.

Also, many aspects of our daily lives are greatly influenced by the scientific discoveries and technological advances which take place in materials research.

Nanotechnology is one of those with the highest profile and within this sector the investigation of carbon nanotubes and other carbon-based nanostructures, such as graphene, is an area of major focus.

For the metallurgy and materials industry, sintering presses, rotary furnaces, mould heating, well furnace, arc and vacuum melting furnaces such as electric or induction heated furnaces, various powder presses, which are also used in studies to be carried out on boron minerals, mixers and homogenizers and test equipment are preferred by universities and R&D centers.

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