A new type of ceramics has emerged since 1980. This type of ceramic was called Advanced Ceramics or Advanced Technology Ceramics. It is also known as Technical Ceramics in world literature.

Advanced technical ceramics due to their hardness, extremely good wear resistance, properties when exposed to chemical effects and resistance to high temperatures, are mostly used when polymers and metals are insufficient in terms of desired properties.

Some of the features that make advanced technology ceramics superior are;

Resistance to high temperatures,

Low coefficients of thermal expansion,

High chemical stability,

Low coefficient of friction,

High hardness,

They have high wear resistance,

Lighter than metals,

It can be listed as the abundance of raw material resources in nature.


The use of high-tech ceramics in aerospace, automobile, health, electronic, defense and energy markets is quite common and increasing.


MSE Technology furnaces are widely used in both research and production for the separation and sintering of technical ceramics. The lift-bottom and car-bottom furnaces, atmosphere controlled furnaces, cold isostatic and automatic double action presses, tape casting devices and piston-type extruder devices that we have designed and manufactured are preferred by the leading manufacturers in the ceramic industry.


We have many optional furnaces and devices designed and manufactured for ceramic processes. You can consult us for the appropriate selection.