What is chemical glass tempering? 

Chemical tempering is one of the methods used to increase the surface hardness of glass. In this method, it is ensured that the sodium atoms in the glass are replaced with potassium atoms in the region close to the surface. This creates tension on the surface. It gives strength and hardness to the glass. In the glass tempering furnaces produced by our company, the glass is heated by a constant temperature increase so that the glass is not broken by thermal shocks, then it is immersed in the salt bath. After being kept in a salt bath for a sufficient time, it is cooled slowly. All this is done automatically with a pre-installed program. Chemical glass tempering furnaces are designed according to customer requirements and glass holding baskets are designed by our company. Tablet, telephone, solar panel and television glass are examples of glass produced by chemical tempering. This method is a unique method for increasing the strength of thin glasses. 

We have many optional furnace designs for glass processes.  

For instance;  glass melting furnace, frit furnace, glass fibre production system, chemical glass tempering furnace, etc. 

You can consult us for the appropriate furnace selection.