Ultra High Sensitive Press

Pressing, which is one of the most widely used methods of material shaping, has been caused the design and manufactured of presses with different properties according to the basic requirements of the application.

MSE Technology designs and manufactures ultra high sensitive presses with various features in accordance with the new requirements and the purpose of the process in technology, industry and R&D apart from the standard features.

Ultra high sensitive presses, designed by MSE Teknoloji, apply the force value entered on a touch screen to the product to be pressed very sensitive. This sensitivity is proportional to the capacity of the press and it can show a precision of 10 Newtons (-1 kg) in a 500,000 Newton (-50 Tons) press. Such presses are often used in special-purpose and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) applications to compress the structure. The power units of these presses were developed by MSE Technology.

The most common usage areas of powder presses are ceramic industry, powder metallurgy studies and sample production for mechanical properties.

Please contact us for detailed information about ultra high sensitive press models. Between plates of this press is not suitable for the use of flammable and explosive products. Select the ex-proof option for the use of explosive materials.


  • Hardened pressing plates at both top and bottom
  • Programmable and adjustable force, force time and position control via touch screen
  • Data logger
  • Electronic safety system, emergency stop button and PLC control
  • Servo motor and loadcell
  • Servo motor and load cell
  • ±1 kg force accuracy
  • Protective lid
  • 100 mm day light opening
  • 50 mm stroke distance
  • Single axis and parallel pressing (from top to bottom)
  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet

Optional Features

  • (DA) Dual axis pressing
  • (K) Press mould
  • (FE) Vibratory powder feeding and pushing sample forward
  • (HL) Holding load feature
  • (EX)Ex-proof
  • (NP) Nitrated pressure plate