Tape Casting Machine

Tape casting, in the most general mean, is that powders are finely cast under a certain shear stress by mixing with the appropriate amount of binder system (binder-plasticizer dispersing solvent). The produced tapes are 5-250 microns thick and the desired production thickness is obtained by pressing the tapes on top of each other.

Moving Knife Fixed Coaster

It is generally preferred for R & D laboratory studies. The blade moves at a certain speed on the carrier bottom and pulls the strip. The strip is cut to the desired size on the base. Tape casting requires a binder system. Thanks to our patented TC-S1 binder solution, you can achieve your desired production in a very short time. Thanks to the adjustable casting speed and thickness, you can control the cutting force of your process. You can precisely adjust the casting thickness on the included doctor blade. All stainless steel doctor blade is not affected by chemicals used in cleaning and process. On demand of our customers, the following trainings are provided to produce the target product.

Note: After pressing, the structure exhibits bulk behavior and does not act as a layer. After this process, the product is obtained after binder removal and burning.

Sludge Preparation

How is the dispersion done? What materials and methods to choose? How is the optimum viscosity practically adjusted?

Tape Casting

What should be the blade spacing? How fast should it be cast? How to laminate? How burn out to be done?


How to remove the flat part? What should be the burning regime? What kind of materials should be used?

MSE provides a training its customers in order to produce their own tapes whom buy a tape caster device.


  • Adjustable speed (0-20 cm/sec)
  • Push rod forward and backward movement
  • Sensitive movement feature without fluctuation
  • Lightened and scaled glass casting area
  • Glass casting surface that is resistant to chemicals
  • Aluminum body
  • Digital speed display
  • Protective lid for prevention air and dust at the casting area
  • Electrically operated cabinet lid
  • Doctor blade with 5 microns sensitivity

Optional Features

  • (HD) Heat and dry system
  • (UV) UV lamp
  • (SC) Storage cabinet
  • (PC) PC control


Product Code
Width of Casting Area (mm)
Length of Casting Area (mm)
Doctor BladeCasting Surface
* It is manufactured according to the customer's demand. Please contact us.