Semi-Auto Hot Press

Pressing, which is one of the most widely used methods of material shaping, has been caused the design and manufactured of presses with different properties according to the basic requirements of the application.

MSE Technology designs and manufactures semi-auto hot presses with various features in accordance with the new requirements and the purpose of the process in technology, industry and R&D apart from the standard features.

New materials obtained by physically mixing at least 2 different materials with each other are called composite materials.

Composite materials, as briefly explained, consist of different geometric parts (for example, fiber) that fulfill their mechanical strength and polymeric, metal or ceramic materials that hold these parts together.

Today, the main usage areas of composite materials are;

  • Electrical/Electronics industry,
  • Defence industry
  • Aviation industry,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Building industry
  • Heavy machinery
  • Wind energy,
  • Rail systems,
  • Agriculture sector and
  • Sports equipment.

Please see the table below for semi-auto hot press models. Please contact us for detailed information. Between plates of this press is not suitable for the use of flammable and explosive products.


  • Heatable pressing plates at both top and bottom
  • Temperature control via PID and ± 1°C temperature display sensitivity
  • Programmable temperature and time up to 300°C
  • Able to save 10 different programs that occur 10 steps each thanks to PID control
  • Observation of set and real temperature
  • Over-temperature alarm
  • Display of the percentage of electrical energy consumption
  • Error display in case a breakdown
  • Able to resume to the programme after the power cut
  • Manual directional valve
  • Digital force display; momentary displaying of applied force
  • Automatic force application from the hydraulic power unit (Maintains the previous set force and applies the same force again)
  • Able to automatic and same force for every cycle
  • Single axis and parallel pressing (from bottom to top)
  • 4 column
  • Water cooling infrastructure
  • 200 mm strok distance
  • Easy usage thanks to ergonomic design
  • Double layered epoxy (RAL 7015) painted galvanized steel exterior construction
  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet.

Optional Features

  • (L) Loadcell
  • (CH) Chiller
  • (K) Press mould
  • ((HTP) Heat transfer plate


Product Code
Force (kg)
Temperature (°C)Plate Dimensions (mm)Number of ColumnMould Connection
Single Axis
* It is manufactured according to the customer's demand. Please contact us.