Polymer Fiber Production System

Polymer fiber production system is manufactured by demand on the customer.


Polymer fiber production system is designed to homogeneously melt the various raw materials at high temperature and then convert this melt into polymer fibers. With the temperature, the melted polymer is pulled and winding on the reel. The reel automatically winds fiber. When the melt is finished, the melting crucible is cleaned and new refilled with polymers. MSE designs and manufactures up to 450°C in different nozzle diameters polymer fiber production system without sacrificing safety and quality upon customer demand.


  • Stainless polymer melting crucible
  • 450 °C adjustable temperature
  • PID controlled heating
  • Single nozzle
  • Adjustable injector speed
  • 2-zones heating
  • Adjustable reel winding speed
  • Desktop design
  • PLC controlled and touch screen
  • Adjustable temperature, time and fiber winding speed
  • Observation of set and real temperature
  • System protection, audible and visual warning alarm when over temperature
  • Temperature measurement with thermocouple
  • Power consumption can be observed
  • Error display in case a breakdown
  • Temperature control via PID and ±1°C temperature display sensitivity
  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet.


  • (MZ) Multiple nozzles


Flammable and explosive products must not be used in the system. Heating speed of the system may vary depending on the process and design.


Polymer fiber production system can be manufactured in wide a range of nozzles diameters, different nozzles quantity and up to 450°C continuous usage temperature according to the requested capacity. Please contact us for the polymer fiber production system.