Hot Mill

Hot mills provides mixing of powder or liquid materials at the desired temperature.

Hot mills are available in wide a ranges of volumes and temperatures up to 600°C continuous use. Please see the table below for hot mill models. Please contact us for detailed information.

For the maximum life of the device and the longer use of the device equipment, we recommend that the heating rate of 10°C/min should not exceeded. Flammable and explosive products must not be used in the device.


  • Adjustable rotation sped up to 380 rpm
  • High quality fiber board insulated and stainless steel internal surface
  • 4 pcs rotating cylinders
  • Programmable step controller via digital display
  • Observation of set and real temperature
  • Delayed start and program save feature
  • Temperature control via PID and ±1°C temperature display sensitivity
  • System protection for over temperature. Audio visual warning alarm
  • Temperature measurement via thermocouples
  • Error display in case a breakdown
  • Percentage of electrical energy consumption
  • Able to resume the program after the power failure
  • Heating on two sides
  • Exhaust gas outlet connected to inner volume
  • Low energy consumption
  • Auto power cut while the lid is opening
  • The lid of the furnace opens sideway
  • Low external surface temperature (Max: R.T +40°C) thanks to double-layers steel construction
  • Epoxy painted galvanized-steel exterior
  • Height adjustable, non-slip rubber feet.

Optional Features

  • (WS) Stand
  • (PCC) PC Communication and Software
  • (DL) Data Logger


Product Code
Speed (rpm)
Number of Cylinders
* It is manufactured according to the customer's demand. Please contact us.