Ball Mill

The ball mill is an effective method that reduces the size of the powders and also provides a good dispersion. The working principle is to place a sufficient amount of ball (grinder medium), raw material (powder, grind) and grinding medium (water, ethanol, etc.) into the cylindrical reservoir and rotate the hopper at the appropriate speed. 

This method is used in mixing, crushing, homogenizing and dispersing. What is important in this process is the diameter of the receptacle used, the quantities fed, the diameter and the density of the ball and the speed of rotation. These parameters are very important in terms of meeting the expectations of the process. However, the choice of material (ball, bowl coating) is important for the process of contamination and wear. Our company provides training for all these processes during device installation. Use The mill has rotating cylinders that can be adjusted according to the diameter of the grinding jar to be used. In addition, thanks to the rubber coating on the rotating cylinders, you can use the ball mill from a 60 cc grinding jar to a 10 000 cc grinding jar.

Sound insulation (Get rid of noise pollution)

Noise and accident protective lid is standard. Ultra soundproofing insulation coating can be selected as option.

Adjustable Speed (Effective Grit)

Effective milling is by adjusting the rotational speed with respect to the chamber and ball diameter used for mixing or dispersing. This feature is standard on our devices. 

Chemical Resistance

The coating and paint used in our device are also stable against many chemicals used in the laboratory. These products available to buy with the device: Grinding cups and grinding balls. 


All models of our devices are equipped with anti-crash lid and automatic stop feature with lid opening.

The single floor ball mills are suitable for use on the table. You can also purchase grinding bottles and grinding balls with this device. Please see the table below for ball mill models.


  • Adjustable rotation speed up to 380 rpm,
  • Aluminum construction, resistant to chemicals
  • Digital speed display
  • At the same time 60 cc and 10 000 cc rotating the jar
  • Able to use grinding jar at different dimensions
  • Rubber coated rotating cylinders
  • Adjustable distance between the cylinders
  • The lid protective that preventation to sound and accident
  • Auto stop when the lid is opened
  • Fan system against heating in long-term use
  • Rubber feet

Optional Features

  • AC) Atmosphere Control
  • (ES) Ultra sound insulation


Product Code
Speed (rpm)
Number of Cylinders
* It is manufactured according to the customer's demand. Please contact us.